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Our Story

It all began in early 2019, when the founder of SnoFlo was snowboarding at  Steamboat Resort in Colorado. He designed a prototype heated vest and cell phone warmer for his own personal use. The cell phone warmer ended up saving his life. Having an iPhone with an aluminum exterior can present problems in the cold. Every single time he had been skiing earlier the previous year his phone had died and his battery had depleted very quickly. While skiing the back country at Steamboat, he and his partner got lost in the heavy snow. They ended up in an area that would have required 6 or more hours of trudging through chest deep snow to get back, and they were already very exhausted. The only option would have been to camp for the night, but without the necessary equipment and in the extreme cold, the chances of them surviving throughout the night would have been slim. Luckily, the cell phone warmer kept the phone's battery alive long enough for them to make one final call to 911 and be rescued by the great team at the Steamboat Ski Patrol. That made such an impact on him that he decided to offer this to others who might benefit from not only increasing their comfort in the cold, but could possibly solve these problems everyone seemed to face in the cold. These can save lives as well.